On Friday 24th June, a labor camp in Sharjah Industrial area got transformed into an open air art studio. Approximately 800 labourers were standing there with a child-like curiosity in their eyes, thinking about what and why we were there? And we had a heart-warming surprise for them. Artists and Volunteers, (Men, women and children) all came together to transform the labour camp into an outdoor art studio.
An initiative, to celebrate Ramadan with the less privileged of the society- the MEN WHO BUILD THE CITY. The laborers! the main hand behind the infrastructure development of the UAE.
Zaahirah Muthy the founder of ZeeArts Community quoted, “this is a platform where artist and art activists gets to connect with the society and give back the love that they’ve been receiving, this project Connected artists from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman to contribute for 800 iftar box and a beautifully wrapped goody bag


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