Beb El Tebeneh and Jabal Mehsen two destitute areas located in Tripoli, North Lebanon. Two areas which were mutilated from the rest of the country. Two ravaged areas famous for their violent history, but two areas populated with Humans, like any other human on earth. They have dreams, ambitions and passions.
In May, 2018, the President of “Kun Ensan Sadika Kebbi, Driven by its mission and vision “Kun Ensan” with the help of the founder of ZeeArts, Zaahirah Muthy, achieved its first project aiming at peace-building.
The project was entitled “Little Picasso”. The children produced 100 paintings through which they expressed their feelings and shared their stories. Congratulation to كن إنسان for this noble initiative to make a difference in the life of those children.
As the curator of Little Picasso, Zaahirah was so much overwhelmed to see the kids from two different hot spot from Tripoli back. Proudly presenting their artwork and tell their story to dignitaries and guests. It is indeed such a warm and selfless feeling.

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