Our Clients

Working alongside a constellation of Creatives from artists, designers, architects to consultants and curators, we provide professional assistance towards the acquisition of artworks and art-related accessories whilst developing concept proposals befitting the brand vision.

Through clinical assessment of our clients’ needs, we offer advice and procurement services of pieces best suited to amplify the theme and outlook of a space. Selections of artists and their works are based on their techniques, style, functionality, and sustainability with budget and value kept within consideration.


We strive to effectively commission bespoke artworks that convey stories on a personal level. These works shall be the integration of clients’ spirit and experiences that is to be cherished beyond a lifetime.


Communication of the brand, vision, mission, and core value of a company is a fundamental stride towards educating their clients of its essence. At ZeeArts, we acknowledge art as an effective tool in transmitting these messages with a strong and yielding curatorial statement. Artwork acquisition may be a beneficial anchorage for any firm to introduce arts and culture within the corporate world while supporting artists in the creative sector.


Art is an investment; appropriate considerations for displaying original artworks during the construction phase of hotels add to the overall value of the space and aesthetics. We add value by building a story that differentiates your property and enhances your guest’s experience. Art should add that little extra spark in your interior. It is vital to choose your artwork by working with an art specialists since it directly impacts not only on your interiors but also the brand and guests’ experience.