We help to select and acquire artworks, including painting, photography, craftsmanship, sculpture and art accessories. We work in tandem with Interior designers, architect and creative minds to develop the concept proposal and build a story that reflects your vision and brand.

Our scope of work includes assessing client’s needs, site visit, commission, selecting artists based on their techniques, style, equity, functionality, sustainability or advising on purchasing original artwork that marries the theme, budget and value. ZeeArts is here to guide, abreast your artistically impaired master safely and successfully make your venue valuable.



It is a privilege to work with you in creating an artwork that tells your personal story. We strive to effectively commission bespoke artwork, integrate your spirit and life journey into the artwork, and create something that will be cherished for a lifetime.


At ZeeArts, we think that communicating the brand, vision, mission or core values of your organization is an innovative and exceptional stride to educate your clients and team about the company. Art can be an effective way to pass the company’s message and have a strong underlying curatorial statement. This is an anchoring gesture to introduce the Art culture in your corporate world and eventually support artists.


Art is an investment, and thus considering displaying original artwork during the construction phase of your hotel is an added value. Art is integral to the aesthetic of your hotel. We add value by building a story that differentiate your property and enhance your guest’s experience. Art should add that little extra spark in your interior. It is significant to choose your artwork by working with art specialist as it has a direct impact not only on your interiors but also on your brand and your guest’s experience.



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