At the Cartoon Art Gallery the smiles peers out at us through a blizzard of red-tinted, flesh-coloured intricate lines that seems to bound the smiles of women through out the world. As we move closer we get more drawn by those unadulterated smiles and immaculately detailed artwork by the french artist Isabelle Noor . The spell created is partly because of the closeness of the artist to these images, and hugely because of the beautifully use of colors and mix media!! This exhibition takes us on a delightful trawl through the vaults of the beautiful paintings , digging out oddities and rarities that illuminate the passion of the artist. It’s a dream project of Isabelle that transformed into reality… Enchanting ambience… Gorgeous paintings… Soothing French music..appetizing treats….Everything added to the luster of this exemplary exhibition supported by #ZeeArts… Isabelle dreams do come true!! All we need is consistency ,perseverance and a Mentor with a magic midas touch…. Zaahirah Zabeen Muthy you are phenomenal!! Absolutely well organized and perfectly curated exhibition it was….. Kudos!!!!!

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