The art industry satiates the global demand for visual stimuli. Yet, with a potentially skewed focus in its specifics, other components begin falling short of industry standards. Amidst the revelry of the Mauritius International Art Fair, ZeeArts’ cross-border partnership with Singapore takes on an initiative that aims to augment the professional competency in every artist. Designated as the Artist Empowerment Program, the seminar conducted by art writer and journalist Ryan Mario outlined the appropriate measures to be taken during the compilation of artist portfolios, biographical profiles and the art of photographing the artworks, along with potential considerations when entering the art market, negotiating a contract, how to make effective use of online galleries and how to price a work of art.

In addition,  we had a robust presentation on the Art Online Market by ZeeArts Gallery Manager, Abdulhamid Al Attar and he spoke about the trends of the e-commerce of the Art Industry. With ZeeArts’ commitment to supporting the art community at large, the Artist Empowerment Program added to the gallery’s foundation of building a powerful legacy of trust within the art world.


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