Tribute to the Late Artists

A Tribute to Our Late Artists” as a heartfelt endeavor aimed at honoring and commemorating the lives and artistic contributions of the esteemed Mauritian artists who have recently passed away. It serves as a platform to reflect upon their legacies, recognizing them as invaluable treasures that will forever enrich the cultural heritage of Mauritius.

Through this initiative, ZeeArts seeks to pay homage to respected:

Said Hossenee,
Tristan Breville,
Vaco Baissac,
Roger Charoux

by showcasing their works, sharing their stories, and celebrating the profound impact they have had on the Mauritian art scene. We’ll be showcasing their incredible works, sharing their inspiring stories, and celebrating the profound impact they’ve had on Mauritius’ art scene.

Open for public: 30th September 2023
Time: 10h00 to 16h00
Venue: La Maison de l’Etoile, Eureka, Moka

Big thanks to our partners @mauritius.mbc
Moka Smart City and La Maison de l’Etoile, Eureka for their invaluable support!

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